Delegate award policy


Information on the criteria set forward for the awarding process of the best best delegates and the honorary mentions. This information is provided by the Secretary-General.


Each committee will award three certificates, as follows: one certificate for “Diplomacy Award for Best Delegate,” and two “Diplomacy Award for Honorable Mention.”

The recipients of these awards will be chosen by the Secretariat member who chaired the delegate’s committee, in an objective spirit, and approved directly by the Secretary-General. The factors to be taken into consideration are as follows:

– Laudable representation of the actor’s (nation or NGO) interests on the global stage.

– Extensive and accurate knowledge of committee topics, as well as application of said knowledge.

– Effective and diplomatic communication with other delegates.

– Contribution to pragmatic and acceptable solutions to the discussed issues.

– The ability to make cohesive and swaying arguments.

– Skill in the development of resolutions and amendments.