is the official news network of the Sofia International Model United Nations, also known as SOFIMUN. This year the media platform covered the development of the debates during the conference in a variety of ways and proved to be an excellent source of information for everyone. A daily newspaper presented all the events from the previous day, while an online version was available on the official website. SNN experimented and did a successful TV news broadcast for this year’s edition of SOFIMUN, which proved the flexibility and dedication of the unit. Furthermore, the news network made SOFIMUN the very first MUN that offered live stream from the conference. The hardworking team of SNN is active during the whole year and manages the advertisement, PR and all other media strategies for the next edition of the conference.The purpose of SNN is to serve as central information point on all important things that happen on SOFIMUN. Its journalist team will be selected through international application (same as for the other SOFIMUN organs).

The journalist team will broadcast the work of each committee; pay specific attention to any delegate and his work; write articles and take interviews from participants during the conferece. Each SOFIMUN organ will have journalists, carefully following its work and broadcasting the latest news on world issues that are of concern of the bodies being represented at SOFIMUN. Therefore, the SNN is the place where all of you wishing to be active as journalist and are interested in the media field can show what you’ve got! You will represent the strong voice and influence of the medias in the modern world. What you write constitutes the principal source of information on the developments within the workshops at the delegate’s disposal. It fundamentally influences their decision-taking during the negotiations and the sessions.

Why being at SNN?


Participation in SNN as a journalist offers you a unique opportunity to act and work as a real journalist – realistic insight into the work of a journalist reporting on an international conference, the possibility of deepening your knowledge in journalism and a specific area of the international relations, the opportunity of meeting over 150 people from around the world sharing your passion for journalism and world affairs.

What is expected?


Being a journalist also brings responsibilities, from which among the most essential are: proficient English, talented writing, fluent use of technical devices (computer, camera), adoption of critical approach without loosing accuracy, team-working and flexibility.

You can select which media you want to represent by the SNN media list published on the right of this text.

If you wan to take part in the SNN media, register through our registration form and mark “SNN (SOFIMUN News Network)” in “Desired organ” field.

Please visit our SOFIMUN NEWS NETWORK website! Click on the link below: