SOFIA Future

sofimun-sofia-futureSofia’s huge potential determined by the opportune location from an international and local point of view, the excellent communications and transport connections by air, road and railway as well as the large domestic market, the skilled working educational facilities – all this is a considerable prerequisite for intensive investment activity and rapid growth. Sofia is experiencing an unseen boom in construction and development caused by the intense social, industrial and economic life in the capital. Sofia has the ambitions to become one of the most vivid and progressive capitals in Europe.


The capital of Bulgaria is also quickly developing in the entertainment sector. The number of developers, redirecting their attention to the entertainment and recreation areas in Sofia, is constantly growing. One of the first steps in the development of the entertainment sector will be the construction of a modern aqua park. Another main entertainment project is planned in the area, behind the Central Train Station, simultaneously with the construction of a mall and a residential complex.


Overall, all these plans justify the motto on the emblem of the city of Sofia “It grows, but does not age”. The slogan expresses the dynamic development of the city, without ignoring the thread that connects present-day Sofia with its 8,000-year history and its future as a European metropolis. Sofia evolves every day.


The new mania – skyscrapers!